Voters Support Billions in Infrastructure Projects
By: I Make America Team
November 26, 2016

Voters across the country approved ballot measures that could support hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure spending on new or existing projects.

Initiatives addressing a variety of infrastructure, ranging from transportation projects to water and freight infrastructure, were approved on November 8th.

ARTBA reported that voters in 22 states approved some $201 billion in new or renewed transportation funding. California was among the most noteworthy ballot measures. Los Angeles voters approved a 1 percent sales tax set to support $120 billion in infrastructure spending over 40 years.

Voters in Illinois and New Jersey also approved so-called “lockbox” measures, which prohibit the reallocation of transportation funds toward other budget items.

The Brookings Institution also highlighted other infrastructure investments green-lit by voters. Rhode Island approved $70 million in bonding to support port improvements, while voters in Missouri renewed a sales tax that will in part support water infrastructure.

The support for these ballot initiatives comes as President-elect Donald Trump, who campaigned for office by promising to rebuild U.S. infrastructure, readies an effort to pursue new federal infrastructure spending in 2017.