Trump, Clinton in Command as Campaign Enters AEM Footprint
By: I Make America Team
March 3, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton lead the presidential nomination races in their respective parties as the 2016 campaign shifts to states with high concentrations of AEM member companies.

Trump’s victories in seven of the 11 “Super Tuesday” contests this week added to his momentum in the GOP primary, leaving three remaining candidates – Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich – scrambling to regroup and figure out whether they can stop Trump’s march to the nomination. (Dr. Ben Carson said he would skip a debate on Thursday in his hometown of Detroit, signaling a likely end to his candidacy.)

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton widened her delegate lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders with commanding victories in the many southern states that voted on Super Tuesday.

Both nominating contests are likely to carry on for some time, especially given the deep and urgent divisions within the Republican Party over whether Trump is an acceptable standard-bearer in 2016.

My Manufacturing Vote 2016

The next phase of the campaign offers high-stakes contests that double as a major footprint for the equipment manufacturing industry.

In particular, the winner-take-all Republican primaries in Illinois, Ohio and Florida on March 15 could all but settle the GOP race in Trump’s favor or inject new life into the campaigns of his competitors, should Trump falter.

I Make America has prepared a toolkit to help members educate their employees and the voters in their communities about issues that affect manufacturing jobs.

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