Mahindra, Towmaster Events Emphasize Need for Pro-Manufacturing Policies
By: I Make America Team
June 14, 2016

Events at Mahindra North America and Towmaster Inc. emphasized the need for pro-manufacturing policies as the 2016 I Make America tour neared its mid-point this week.

Mahindra hosted its first-ever I Make America event at its assembly and distribution center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

About 25 employees heard from AEM Senior Vice President Charlie O’Brien and Mahindra Vice President Cleo Franklin about the importance of strong agricultural and manufacturing policies that help support good-paying jobs at Mahindra’s location in Tennessee and its other facilities across the country.

“We wanted to welcome I Make America to our assembly and distribution center in Chattanooga because we believe in doing all we can to promote the economic contribution of the entire manufacturing industry and our continued investment in local communities across the country.” said Mani Iyer, president and CEO for Mahindra USA, in a statement about the event. “Mahindra is proud of the jobs it supports here and across the United States, and we hope to help elect leaders who understand how manufacturing helps form the backbone of the American economy.”

The event took place as I Make America also visited Towmaster in Litchfield, Minnesota for a two-day stay encompassing an employee and family appreciation event, as well as a training session for Towmaster’s vendors and suppliers.

The appreciation event drew over 350 attendees, who toughed out the evening despite the threat of a storm – and even a tornado that passed through nearby. Both employees and their families and the attendees of the training session had the opportunity to sign up for I Make America and learn more about what is needed to support manufacturing in America.