AEM Salutes National Ag Day
By: I Make America Team
March 15, 2016

Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) President Dennis Slater issued the following statement on Tuesday saluting National Ag Day and the millions of Americans who contribute to America’s national agricultural economy:

The equipment manufacturing industry joins its customers and industry allies in celebrating National Ag Day. AEM works to promote a strong and vibrant agricultural economy because it is tied directly to the strength of our manufacturing sector.

We hope that elected leaders and candidates keep their focus on productive solutions to support American farmers, especially during these difficult times for America’s farming community. That means supporting renewable fuels like ethanol, guarding against regulatory overreach, expanding markets for equipment and commodities abroad, and maintaining a strong and vibrant infrastructure that helps farmers move their crops to market all over the world.

AEM will continue its work to educate voters about the importance of manufacturing and agriculture issues throughout the year to ensure that the public understands hardworking farmers’ contributions to our American economy.