Planning Period

To successfully host your member of Congress, you’ll want to allow for as much advance work as possible. After identifying the member of Congress who represents your facility or employees, we can work with your company to establish a relationship with that lawmaker (if one doesn’t already exist), obtain scheduling availability and outline the steps needed to schedule the tour with your member of Congress. We can follow up with the congressional office on your behalf and keep you up-to-date on the progress. You may be asked to contact the congressional district office for a periodic follow-up.


Once a tour date has been arranged, we will run through the process of the tour, provide talking points, background information, assistance reaching out to local press – should you choose to make the tour open to the media – and I Make America signage. We will also be in contact with the congressional office to confirm the date with the member of Congress. Additionally, we will help with logistical questions or issues that may arise prior to the visit and obtain any additional information that may be required.


Each company is unique in how they choose to operate. Some companies may prefer that the member of Congress tour the factory floor and speak directly with individual employees, while other companies may wish to have the member of Congress address everyone at once at an all-employee meeting, or meet with a smaller group prior to a tour. These meetings may also include others from outside the company, such as other local business leaders or state and local elected officials. Determining which route to take depends on individual preference and time constraints of the member of Congress.


At the conclusion of the tour, our staff will be sure to share any photos or video captured during the visit and make note of it in our multi-platform communications. Moving forward, you should try to follow-up with your member of Congress or their staff to continue building that relationship to help advocate for pro-manufacturing policies.

If you’re interested in learning more about the AEM Congressional Facility Tour Program or would like to invite your member of Congress to visit your facility, please contact Wade Balkonis.